Physical Durability

Weight reduction and improved mechanical properties (Hardness, Scratching Resistance, Tensile Strength, UV Resistance etc.).


Conductive Properties

High electric conductivity allows to manufacture Conductive lnks, Car Batteries, Fliaments, etc. by the addition of Graphene.


Thermal Efficiency

Graphene-reinforced resin foams exhibit improved thermal and mechanical properties, being suitable to isolation and structural applications.


Smart Coatings

Dispersed in anti-rust waterborne and solvent-based paints increases their barrier properties conferring enhanced stability and anti-corrosion performances. The high hydrophobicity of Graphene leads to waterproof coatings, anti-fungal and self cleaning features.



Multilayers of Graphene in oils results in a significant improvment of their Lubricating, Rheological and Triboelectric properties.