1. Graphene in Paints

It is the best method to create corrision resistant coatings. Highly resistance to water permeation with high bond
strength and long durability which is suitable for Primer Coat on automobiles, primer coat to replace Chrome based
conversion coating in Aluminium coil coating and the best method to create a single layer highly protective fastener coating.

2. Graphene as Pigment

Pigmented Epoxy with Just 0.5% Of Graphene shows 10 times better Corrosion Resistance that of Epoxy with 76% Zinc and about 5 times better in Inorganic Zinc Silicate with zinc concentration 86%.

3. Anti-Satic Coatings

With 0.5% of Graphene in Coating imparts Anti-Satic Properties.

4. Conductive Coatings

A Condutivity of 100 s/m can be achieved by 5 to 6% of Graphene in suitable coating system.